tiistai 29. toukokuuta 2012

Time to go again...

So it's been a while... Since I was last here I've pretty much stayed put in Levi and worked my ass off to afford some more travelling. Levi in general was one sort of a journey and a really good one. I worked, a LOT, I met some awesome people and made some lifetime friends I'm sure, I had a fling or two, I saw so many bands, I got my first freckles from the spring sun in the slopes and just enjoyed my time. So much so that I will be returning, atleast for one more season, come winter again. :) Next stop in life is Hanko, which is the perfect summer location. Got a taste of it last Sunday and can't wait to be back!

However... before settling down - if 3 months can be called that - it's time to hit the road again. LITERALLY. Since I will be travelling with something that looks like following..

I COULD drive the thing myself of course, but I won't and that's why I need to take this other character with me. A is an old workmate and he's been my carrot (like peas and carrots-carrot) for awhile now. But not in a relationship-y kinda way!

I bought myself a brand new biker jacket and trousers, borrowed a helmet and cloves from cousin J and manage to find an ancient pair of military boots so I'm ready! Packing is not worrying me too much this time, since now it's only for 2 weeks and most of the time I will be wearing the driving gear anyway. And maybe, just maybe, I'm getting better at it!!

I don't even know where the whole idea came from but the main goal for this trip has been to visit Auschwitz, the Nazis concentration camp dating back to World War II and that's where we are heading first. Come Saturday the Finnlines ferry will take us to Gdynia, Poland and from there we drive down to Krakow and Oswiecim. After that it's an open road. However we took the World War II theme a little further and plan to visit Hitler's hideaway place Eagle's Nest in the German Alps and maybe another camp near Munich. Let's just see where 2 weeks can take us. But I'm sure it's gonna be magnificent.

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